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Sun Kissed Fruit Farm
R 12,900,000
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Farm: Sun Kissed Fruit Farm
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Sun Kissed Fruit Farm

This beauty, dating from the previous generation is successful and vibrant, a real money spinner. The main dwelling was built in the early nineteen-hundreds, with a spacious thatched attic! With views that will take your breath away, looking over valleys, green pastures and the majestic mountains as a backdrop. Stunning is an understatement!

One of the oldest farms in the area, with two beautiful main dwellings, one from the previous era and one more modern, classic farm style, clean, tidy and welcoming. The outbuildings consist of barns, labourers' cottages etc., all that is needed to make this one of the success stories of the KOO Valley.

This successful fruit farm boasts of 3 Ha Plums, 10 Ha Apples and 8 Ha Pears. Another 3 Ha are being planted as we speak! These new plantings are 0.8 Ha Plums and 2.2 Ha Apples; all will be completed before Transfer can take place.

The best news is the water. We all know that water is LIFE! Escom charges are DEATH! Now here is the good news … more than 80% of the plantings are under gravity fed irrigation, no pumping costs incurred. This is because of three man-made ground dams uphill from the trees, which are being fed with shared mountain water from “Water-kloof” and also rain water from the mountains.

This beautiful farm is popular for the highest rainfall in the area and should more water be required, there are three equipped boreholes with crystal clear water for irrigation. When the dams are full, it will store enough water to irrigate the whole farm for TWO YEARS!

This is not play-play farming, this is the real thing! Do not look further, this beauty has the success story you were looking for.

Come see for yourself!

(With 0% V.A.T. as G.C.)

Contact Details


+27 23 614 3188

Dries +27 83 440 1223
Carol +27 82 355 6144
Andrew +27 82 892 0588

Listing Details

Price: R 12,900,000
Property Type: Farms
Area: Montagu
Reference Number: 458.1 kjr
Erf Size: 150 Ha

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